Let me Eat Cake

Today I celebrate three fabulous years blogging here at 50: A Figment of my Imagination, having revisited 50 years through the eyes of one alter ego named Stick Chick, taken shots at religion and politics, and having stuck the landing with an occasional poem. This all provided me the creative outlet needed to avoid being drawn and quartered by my family.

Photo Courtesy: Naoko 2007
Photo Courtesy: Naoko 2007

Since the inception of this blog, I’ve added Writing Well Design and Photography as a creative space where I record my world from unusual perspectives in pictures. In addition, I’ve ventured to create Writing Well where I provide professional writing and editing services.

I hope all of you artists and graphic-designer-types will check out the Art Competition there, without delay. It ends on Halloween!

I’m not sure I could have stuck to any one endeavor without the encouragement of some fabulous followers who have pushed me each day to wake up and write another post. I appreciate your comments, likes, links and reblogs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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