XIX Corps from Siegfried Line to Victory

Remembering those lives lost.


Photograph Swartz Joseph

Sgt. Joseph J. Swartz



XIX Corps in Action D Day to Germany

To honor those who have served, I share these colorful pictorials from our family archives that detail the countries and towns through which the XIX Corps traveled and battled during WWII.

According to the copyrights, these were drawn by “T/5 Henry J. Mac Millan” and “Reproduced by 62nd Engr. Top Co. U.S. Army, Nov 1944”

HPSC0245 detail 1

They are only a portion of an incredibly detailed written account too large to show in their entirety here.


Opened, each map is roughly 24″ x 36″.

XIX Corps from Siegfried Line to Victory

Challenges of War

World War II

The ongoing conflict and numerous losses made transporting bodies from abroad to the United States impractical. Bodies of 8,300 American soldiers were laid to rest in Holland until the conclusion of World War II at which time, the families of those deceased could choose a final resting place.

Letter from the Quartermaster General

1946-10-14 Letter from War Dept - Location of Grave



Grave Marker

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Dutch Gratitude

1946: So grateful were Dutch residents that the Americans liberated their country from the Nazis, that families took it upon themselves to adopt and care for the graves of American soldiers. This tradition of gratitude continues today, carried on through generations of Dutch families.

Letter from the Zanden family (Holland) wishing to contact our family to inform us that they had adopted Grandfather’s grave


1946-10-14-Zanden Letter re adoption


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