Spoons, Pink Pussycats, and New Year’s Eve

The Place: New Years Eve 1974 at the family home and parsonage of Rev. and Mrs. Samuels’ in the small town of Rocksville on the outskirts of a metropolitan city. A parsonage, it must be noted, conjures the vision of a tiny cottage sufficient for a minister and his family, generally sparse, although comfortable. However, this place outpaced … Continue reading

Disrespecting Veterans

While this Memorial Day weekend passes with people gathering for somber remembrances followed by picnics and parades to honor all veterans, I worry that the new guard lacks respect for those who have sacrificed so much. I speak not of those war dead, those who protected others in their unit to live another day but sacrificed … Continue reading

Candy for the Professor

Some time ago, a sage professor told Stick Chick (and she’s paraphrasing here) that reading about her adventures is a lot like stashing candy. You hide a cache of it and every once in a while, sneak a piece and savor it. It’s been a while since Stick Chick has had an adventure. It is truly the … Continue reading