By the way, You’re Irish

Stick Chick’s family descends from Europeans. If you chopped her into 12 slices like a key lime pie, each slice representing three generations before her on both sides, she’d be mostly German, possibly some Polish (though she’s not entirely sure about this due to some name changes), maybe a hint of English, and she’s 1/12 … Continue reading

The Amazing Bouncing Gas Gauge

Some of us have been fortunate enough to own a vehicle which transported us to the places we needed to go countless times. That car however, the one that we look back upon with wistful nostalgia, had its quirks. For Stick Chick, the old Dodge Intrepid, later traded for a more practical family mobile, grows in … Continue reading

Bob Barker was the Whole Reason I Dreamed of Hawaii

My dreams have changed. I think this happens to everyone, especially when contemplating our childhood wishes. One scene in Disney’s movie The Kid provides a perfect example of this phenomenon. Jean Smart delivers a poignant moment as her character, anchorwoman Deidre LeFevre, counsels Russ Duritz (Bruce Willis) saying, “I mean how many of us turn … Continue reading

Heart You

At the risk of seeming all mushy-gushy valentiny, I’ll simply say to all who follow this madness, Happy Valentine’s Day. I HEART YOU ALL!