Sidebar: My Modest Proposal

I read with dismay the article by Kenneth Justice who laments a coffee-induced conversation he had with a young mother about her child’s use of public restrooms. It’s not Justice’s article that put a hitch in my giddyup, it’s that the occasion to write it ever presented itself in the first place. How long will these distractions continue? … Continue reading

Maze Escape

PART III Continued from MAZE ENIGMA Unlike the paths she has traveled, the widening one before her becomes smooth beneath her feet. The ivy thins, choked by an invisible entity that exposes the stone walls. While she remains cautious, her pace quickens. Her leg continues to ache as she picks up speed. The sound of her breathing swells nearly drowning … Continue reading

Maze Enigma

PART II CONTINUED FROM Out of the Maze Each uneven step causes a painful hobble, her ankle swollen. Unlike the beginning of this maze with its dead ends and sharp angled turns, after the first 50 yards, it curves to the right so abruptly that Stick Chick cannot see more than 10 feet ahead. The walls twist … Continue reading

Out of the Maze

Prompt#2: You wake up one morning and find that you aren’t in your bed; you aren’t even in your room. You are in the middle of a giant maze. A sign is hanging from the ivy: “You have one hour. Don’t touch the walls.” What’s next? To her left, a high stone wall draped in … Continue reading