Disrespecting Veterans

While this Memorial Day weekend passes with people gathering for somber remembrances followed by picnics and parades to honor all veterans, I worry that the new guard lacks respect for those who have sacrificed so much. I speak not of those war dead, those who protected others in their unit to live another day but sacrificed … Continue reading

Candy for the Professor

Some time ago, a sage professor told Stick Chick (and she’s paraphrasing here) that reading about her adventures is a lot like stashing candy. You hide a cache of it and every once in a while, sneak a piece and savor it. It’s been a while since Stick Chick has had an adventure. It is truly the … Continue reading

Stranger in the Mirror

Her face is no longer recognizable. Today change blistered below the epidermis unable to be ignored or unrecognized one moment longer. “What happened,” Stick Chick wondered, “since the last time I looked—I mean really looked at my face in the mirror?” Had she not faithfully returned like a worshiping zealot at the foot of fashion … Continue reading

By the way, You’re Irish

Stick Chick’s family descends from Europeans. If you chopped her into 12 slices like a key lime pie, each slice representing three generations before her on both sides, she’d be mostly German, possibly some Polish (though she’s not entirely sure about this due to some name changes), maybe a hint of English, and she’s 1/12 … Continue reading