Manbrows: Unneeded Distraction in a busy World

Recently Stick Chick met with a group of gentlemen. On that occasion, she sat across the table from its leader as the group plowed through introductions and the evening’s agenda. Within a short spell, she noticed his eyebrows. Several spiraled off from their origin in varying trajectories, long beyond  the edges of the frames on his glasses. The man, … Continue reading

Summer Shakedown

Unable to locate a safety-pin, Stick Chick rifled through the junk drawer in a fit of frustration. When one did not handily present itself, she dumped the cluttered mess onto the table and began sorting. Once satisfied that any useless trinkets had been discarded and having located the misplaced pin, she also noticed something unusual. … Continue reading

Chainsaw Shower Massacre

The distinctive grinding sound of a chainsaw woke Stick Chick from her hazy fade in-fade out which happens each morning just after sunrise, before she sets foot one on the ragged carpet to greet the day. Muttering, (mostly for the lack of 24-hour forewarning which she had requested a week prior from the contractor assigned … Continue reading

Spoons, Pink Pussycats, and New Year’s Eve

The Place: New Years Eve 1974 at the family home and parsonage of Rev. and Mrs. Samuels’ in the small town of Rocksville on the outskirts of a metropolitan city. A parsonage, it must be noted, conjures the vision of a tiny cottage sufficient for a minister and his family, generally sparse, although comfortable. However, this place outpaced … Continue reading