Cruisin’ Into Irony

Stick Chick cringed at the recent abject suffering of those passengers and crew of the disabled Carnival cruise ship. On the very day that the tow line broke, making its return to any port agonizingly slower for them, Stick Chick received an email with the following subject line:

“February is Cruise Month at AAA!”

Cruise Ship v2

Public relations irony.

Even though it probably cost untold thousands to advertise its self-appointed cruise month, you would think that somebody would have suggested replacing the auto-delivered messages with…


ANYTHING else. It’s not THAT it came, it’s WHEN it came.

AAA is typically great for maps and directions, emergency roadside assistance, and travel planning, but Stick Chick could not help but wonder who was minding the tropical beach hut.

2 thoughts on “Cruisin’ Into Irony

  1. I suppose it’s all a matter of perspective, for some, high seas adventures consist of floating around in a floating palace having their every whim catered to. Others might find their high seas adventure starts when the boat breaks down… 😉

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