Death by Dependence

How did I handle one weekend—50 whole hours without television, a cell phone, or internet?  I lived to speak of it.

TV was a non-issue.  I have virtually ignored it for the last four years anyway, collectively amassing about 4 hours of mind-numbing viewership in that time, so that was no great loss. What kind of freak am I then?

For entertainment, I stream movies, foreign television shows, or American ones that are off the air now, but that I missed completely when they originally aired because I was too busy actually living working.  I also have a word game app on my cell which I reserve for line-waiting. If I’m stuck at the DMV, staring mindlessly into space in a waiting room somewhere, or even if I’m waiting for friends to show up, I play those little 3-minute games. This weekend, electronic entertainment lacked.

The cell is a convenience that saves me much waiting, and allows for better coordination of family schedules when we are all on the go. I “needed it” precisely twice.  Oh well.

Most annoying was lack of internet access. Luckily, I had a day to plan, to pull down files, and to print things so I could continue my research, but it was annoying as hell.  I did not think of everything, so I finished nothing, and had a lot of loose ends to attend to this morning. While wading through almost 50 emails, I was grateful it was not a weekday when it is usually double that.

What did I learn about my dependence on media technology?

I could adjust to life without the internet, but my time would be consumed with trips to the library, manual research, and jumping into my car to run for v2.0 unnecessarily at times.

So I have decided:
Stay off the Internet

What are your thoughts?

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