Gettin’ Valentiny

Valentine’s Day is tricky. Navigating the waters through first loves, old flames, and the generally dysfunctional relationships that envelope many a wayward soul challenges the most resilient romantic.

My First Loves—(that’s plural) may provide you some insight into the phenomenal pressure we ascribe to making Valentine’s Day perfect. In an effort to avert such intense focus on perfection, I opt for less materialistic, simple ways in which to celebrate.

For our purposes, we’ll call your valentine Pat. That way, regardless of your gender or sexual orientation, you can presume that Pat is your significant someone. Otherwise a certain percentage of readers would be left heartless.

Get it?


I kill me, but I digress.


While there are 50 things that you can do for Pat this Valentine’s Day to show your ever-abiding love, let’s just stick to ten quality options.

Fifty Ten Things to do for Your Love on Valentine’s Day

  1. For Your First Love (whom you are no longer with)  Make a phone call (emails and texts DO NOT COUNT) and tell Pat you’ll never forget how you felt being in love for the first time. It may have been wonderful or full of heartbreak, but I’m guessing you would not trade it.
  2. For Your First Love (who you remain with) Make a point to remove all distractions or obstacles, foreign and domestic. This includes: kids, pets, phones, computers, electronics games, readers and televisions, relatives, friends or squatters in your immediate habitat. Invite Pat into a private space and looking directly into Pat’s eyes, clearly say, “I love you,” out loud and with every ounce of your being.
  3. Take Pat to the nearest mountain and hike to the top, and stop. Turn off your cell phones for one hour and just enjoy each other’s company while watching for hawks.
  4. Make Pat’s favorite meal and clean up everything afterwards.
  5. Get dressed up like you are going to a party, but stay in with Pat.
  6. For those musically inclined, dust off your instrument, and play a song for Pat. Alternatively, contact the Voices of Gwynedd to request a Singing Valentine.
  7. Make a card for Pat.
  8. Be generous with hugs for Pat.
  9. Make a list and read out loud ten things you love about Pat.
  10. If Pat is still your love, but has passed away, take some time to just sit and contemplate what made Pat so special in your life.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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