From Here to Heart Day and Beyond

Despite its murky beginnings, Valentine’s Day, a veritable cornucopia of heart-shaped antacid tablets stamped with such inspiring words as “MEET ME,” “LOVE BUG,” or “KISSES,” nevertheless inspires florists, chocolatiers, and greeting card writers. In fact, it is on this occasion that Stick Chick wears her special lip-plumping lipstick.

It all begs the question, what is love?

Stick Chick Valentine

Stick Chick loves Mother’s All Natural Peanut Butter Bumpers Mothers Bumperswhich the local Giant recently discontinued despite the fact that it still shows up on Mother’s website and has a 2014 Quaker Oats copyright. Just sayin’. Hint, hint, hint Giant CEO.

In her humble opinion, Stick Chick thinks that Nature’s Path EnviroKidz Peanut Butter Panda Puffs (though both organic and Non-GMO Project certified) do not hold a candle either taste or crunch-wise to the former.

Peanut butter breakfast cereal discussion aside, Valentine’s Day sort of love probably means more (unless you have a secret stash you are willing to give up for Stick Chick on Valentine’s Day.)  Now that would show love and certainly be a grand romantic gesture. This of course brings us full-circle to that question of love.

The Greeks had four separate words for love: agape, eros, philia and storge. Giving up your Bumpers would probably be considered philia, the sort that shows an affectionate regard or friendship.

What will Valentine’s Day look like 50 years from now? 

Much like the manner in which technology advanced as Gene Rodenberry imagined in the earliest episodes of Star Trek, Valentine’s Day will not require the same hustle-bustle of candy and card collecting or flower arranging that it does today. Instead, creating a grand romantic gesture will require only a single transmitted thought of the giver to make a purchase for the intended recipient. Some dispatched drones will never arrive at their intended destination, not because the technology is inadequate, but because a myriad of Valentine cupids will lay in wait, bow and quiver at the ready to shoot down the drones, to gather and squander the booty—a futuristic piñata, if you will.


Consider this future when contemplating your plan for Valentine’s Day this year.

One thought on “From Here to Heart Day and Beyond

  1. Right there with ya seesta on the Peanut Butter Bumpers! Mmmm….Honestly, when I found that cereal years ago I should have hoarded cases of it. If only I had known! Anything good seems to vanish..

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