Earliest Memory

What’s your earliest memory? Dig deep. Maybe you cannot.

Sounds (music in particular), scents or tactile encounters sometimes trigger memories long since squirreled away of places or events. Browsing a flea market, I leaned in to look closely at an old pram. A whiff brought this memory from my infancy or earliest toddlerhood. I can be sure of my age because the pram in our family could only have held a child not much more than a year old due to its relative size.

photo courtesy: Pretty Willow Prop Hire
photo courtesy: Pretty Willow Prop Hire

The scent of white plastic and age drifts in the summer air unleashing a rush of pictures.

I lie on my back inside my pram looking upwards, its half shield shading my blue eyes from the bright sunshine. The thin mattress and squeaky metal springs that support the frame beneath me cushion the ride. I reach a hand to touch the white mosquito netting that protects me from insects and makes me feel safe. My eyelids fight to stay open, but the motion relaxes me.

While only fleeting, the memory remains steadfast—resurrected from the archives if only for a moment.


2 thoughts on “Earliest Memory

  1. I was three and a half. I was with my dad and grandmother at the S&H Greenstamps store in Elizabeth, NJ. The world seemed to stop when they announced over the speaker that President Kennedy had been assasinated. I was mad because I thought that was the end of Romper Room. I was concerned because “The President’s Message” always played right before Romper Room. Luckily, there was no connection.

    1. Interesting! While I don’t recall an announcement per se, I remember the day of his funeral procession. I couldn’t understand why we had to keep watching and why we could not switch to cartoons. Even at 2, I could tell everyone around me needed an emotional break.

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