Truth be told, I recall little from 1978, save for playing my Rumours album over and over until scratched beyond recognition and I had to get a new one.  I count myself lucky to have seen Fleetwood Mac that summer with 64,999 of my closest friends at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia.

One event from 1978 stands out beyond that, however.  My father took me to see the then popular (and since classic) movie, Animal House.  A film that today’s calls “vulgar, raunchy, ribald and occasionally scatological,” offered much needed comic relief.  It was the first R-rated movie I had seen.  While it may have been an unusual way for it to happen, for me and Dad, it marked a transition into a new, more adult-like relationship between us.

I covered 50 of my favorite movie lines in a previous post, one of which was from Animal House.  The scene is a classic.

Then what happened?

What are your thoughts?

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