Terror: Old School

While digging for recipes, I discovered a booklet published in 1945 by Sealtest, a company known best in the Philadelphia region for its ice cream. Its forward illustrates an American perspective just after World War II that declares the end of terror on the world stage.  It implores communities, parents in particular, to take stock of its children’s health as an important part of citizenship.  What’s your take?

Sealtest forward20170804_11550928

Note the zip code for New York City.


Some Gave All

This Memorial Day weekend, while the next several posts pay homage to all those military men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for American freedom, these specific memorabilia memorialize my grandfather.

Sgt. Joseph J. Swartz
June 7, 1907 – November 27, 1944

Photograph Swartz Joseph


They also serve as pieces of American history.

Consider that it took only six weeks after my grandfather’s death for the government to draft this particular letter, despite the lack of global communication methods we have at our disposal today.

Letter from the War Secretary regarding a Purple Heart

1945-01-45 Letter from Sec of War - Purple Heart

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