Pointless Points from a GPS app

In Stick Chick’s neighborhood, fall changes the green summer leaves into vivid, vibrant reds and remarkable yellows that defy darkness. Hues challenge ripened pumpkins in a natural beauty contest for most-appealing-orange. Tall grasses locked in local landscapes mimic wheat fields, their tassels sway in shifting breezes.

These beckon Stick Chick for a scenic Sunday drive where she accumulates pointless points from her social GPS app. Yeah, Stick Chick uses the app to find new routes to old places. In the process she racks up points that amount to a prestigious icon which other users can see. Umm, okay.

Stick Chick Cross Country Drive

The alert section entitled “Around Me,” informs her that there is heavy traffic on Jarrett White Road in Honolulu, Hawaii, a mere 5483.9 miles (not to mention a huge body of water we like to call the Pacific Ocean) away from her.

Good to know if and when she zips through the Rockies, heads north to Seattle and boards a ferry. Perhaps by then, traffic on the road will have eased a bit.

Maybe it’s a need to stand out among the average Chicks by winning the esteem of surrounding users—to wear the crown of road warrior glory; an urge to beat the competition if only to be the first to report debris in the road.