Mama’s Killer Seven Grain Clove Pancakes

Flour Base

Prep up to a 12-cup pancake mix base using (1) cup of white flour for each (1) cup chosen from this assortment: corn meal, flax meal, oatmeal, soy flour, almond flour, or wheat flour.  (If you use oatmeal, break out your Ninja blender and be sure to grind it into flour.)

*For each (1) cup of white flour, select (1) cup of alternate flour, so a (6) cup mix will consist of (3) cups white flour and (1) cup each of three other flours.

To each (6) Cups of Flour Base add

1-1/3 c. dry milk powder

2T baking soda

2T baking powder

2T nutritional yeast

1T cinnamon

1-½ tsp. allspice

Store the mix in a dry, shelf stable container.

On Pancake Day add to (2) cups of mix

2 large eggs

3T oil

¾ c. water

2 drops CPTG clove oil

Stir until dry ingredients are moist. For thinner pancakes, add almond milk to thin batter to preferred consistency. Pour pancake batter onto hot griddle (325-350 degrees). Flip when popped bubbles on the edges of pancakes just begin to leave tiny holes. Upon flipping, tops should be golden brown. Continue cooking until bottom has similar golden-brown hue.