I’m So Full of Myself: I Want My MTV

At 24, Stick Chick thought she had the world by the cajones.  She was a divorced, single mom, had scratch, possessed the determination to earn a living by hard work, and never again be financially dependent on anyone but herself.  She secretly hoped she’d meet someone worth a commitment but did not expect it.

As many a young, single mom can vouch, dating and children decidedly do NOT make for an active dating life. Everything’s so damned complicated!

“When do you break the news that you have a young child?  First date…second?  Or how about the first time you trust him enough to invite him to your apartment, and Stick Chick v2.0 greets him at the door?”  All these things she wondered.

When do you let “him” meet your young child who does not understand the comings and goings of dates? (Nor should they, in her estimation.)  She wanted a better life for her tiny family and loved that kid like nothing else.  Best of all, she had no fear of failure.  It was a long, frustrating and lonely journey.  One thing for sure: she wasn’t sitting around waiting for it to happen.

After a number of false starts, the help of family and friends, and the Good Lord, she eventually found a decent paying job, which became a long career.  It was 1985.  There was a small piece of her that hoped she’d stumble on a way to make a living that resembled the one uttered in the Dire Straits tune, Money for Nothing, but she was WAY too Type A for that.  It was never gonna happen.

Yeah, she was that chick in the car with the rock music shaking the windshield glass at 7:30 AM on the way to work, putting on mascara at the red lights and chugging a coffee in between.  Hoo Ahh! Burns all the way down !

A few years later, she was entirely blessed to hear Mark Knopfler kick it on a pair of Magneplaner SMGa’s and later on Apogee Calipers driven by a Krell amp.   Just like having him standing in the living room playing for the family.  Money for Nothing still stands the test of time insofar as high quality recording if you want her humble opinion.

Maggies photo courtesy: Head-Fi.org

Shakes the walls, gets the neighbors off the couch and knocking on the door every time. Yes!  Come on in, and bring the snacks, but nothing that needs nuking.  (She was still saving her money for her first microwave—that dream took two more years and a big sale to realize.)

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And then what happened?