Book Review: New Ways of Learning in 2020 ~ Corona Struck

New Ways of Learning in 2020: Corona Struck

by Chalmers, Jimerson, Watson,

Imagine the world five years or a decade from now—one after Coronavirus has waned. Children born today and in the future will only have the stories from their elders. I received a suggestion to read New Ways of Learning in 2020: Corona Struck, a collaborative effort of nine storytellers.

Each author brings his or her own perspective and personal take on survival in reaction to the adversity, especially those created by the global pandemic.

An easy read (designated for ages 12 and up), this collection of encouraging stories is a gift given to children today who may wonder how they can cope when life throws rotten tomatoes at them. Its insights offer the “Hey, this happened to me and this is how I handled it,” sort of anecdotes without any sugary dressing or preachiness.

These educators, writers, and parents provide encouragement by sharing parts of themselves, how they coped with life’s challenges, navigated the COVID-19 pandemic, issues of politics and racism, and the positive outcomes they experienced. Even if this book fails to inspire young people today (and I believe it will inspire them), its greatest gift is its recording of this unique point in American history for future generations.

As a professional editor, I’d be remiss not to mention there are a few missed opportunities to tighten the copy and a small handful of anomalies that I’ve come to expect in Kindle books but these are overshadowed by the heart that these authors have shown for young people.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Four and a half stars!