Terror: Old School

While digging for recipes, I discovered a booklet published in 1945 by Sealtest, a company known best in the Philadelphia region for its ice cream. Its forward illustrates an American perspective just after World War II that declares the end of terror on the world stage.  It implores communities, parents in particular, to take stock of its children’s health as an important part of citizenship.  What’s your take?

Sealtest forward20170804_11550928

Note the zip code for New York City.


As the Pram Rolls Full Circle

Lately I have meditated on clarity in an effort to conjure specific memories. I have purposefully attempted to attach sights, sounds and smells to each so that they become vivid.

The result of one such attempt is a poem that I wrote and posted this weekend called The Pram. For illustration, I added a stock photo that looked as similar to the one I recalled as I could find.

I received an email from my mom (who read the poem) with this photo attached.

Snoozing on the porch

This is me in the pram.

I remembered.

Mind blown.

Nothing Good Happens at the Edge of Town

Inspired by Edge of Town,

a show by portrait artist Warren Keyser,

coupled with my own reflections about the effects of

heroin addiction on people who have loved and lost an addict,

I wrote

this piece.

Angel’s Hellfire

Reflection upon terror attack at Pulse night club, Orlando, FL

Hypnotic beat
Dancers meet
Seeking love
Soaking in acceptance
Social safe haven

Cracks and pops
At first
Blend with the beat
Too many
Save one,
All seek escape
Graphic violence unfolds
Turns life to death
Hate spews
Fear cries out
Screams of horror
Begging to be spared
And grief beckon
Prayers lifted for
God to intercede
For life
For souls to take
For death


To assuage repressed feelings
Cold heartedly calculating
Demonic possessions unleashed
Explosive bursts

To level a playing field
Stacked against
Oppressed minorities
With bloody pools of innocents

For retaliation?
For justice?
For purification?
For religion?

Misfiring synapses
Cause unfit mind
To unleash hellfire
Blindly upon angels

Until silence punctuated
With sobs
Last breaths
Flash bang

angel wings test

In response to the needless slaughter and wounding of humans

in Orlando, Florida

on June 12, 2016

In honor of the medical personnel,

first responders,  investigators,

family and friends of each victim

who remain to piece together lives

which are forever changed