Terror: Old School

While digging for recipes, I discovered a booklet published in 1945 by Sealtest, a company known best in the Philadelphia region for its ice cream. Its forward illustrates an American perspective just after World War II that declares the end of terror on the world stage.  It implores communities, parents in particular, to take stock of its children’s health as an important part of citizenship.  What’s your take?

Sealtest forward20170804_11550928

Note the zip code for New York City.


2 thoughts on “Terror: Old School

    1. What strikes me most about the way in which it is written serves to amplify our current collective disconnect from each other. Despite the pervasiveness of social media, I see little evidence of this unifying sort of message now. Sure, the publication itself is a glorified ad through which the company’s recipes and nutritional advice serve to bolster sales of its products, but it remains a beacon of light in a post world war environment.

What are your thoughts?

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