That Time I Cried When a Celebrity Died

Sadly, I missed the opportunity to see Stevie Ray Vaughn perform live. Nevertheless, his indelible impression on my heart reduced me to tears  when, on this day in 1990, I heard the news of his tragic death.

At the time, I’d seen scant few snippets of performance footage, but spent hours upon hours listening to Soul to Soul and In Step at volumes that let the neighbors in on my musical preferences.  The mere idea that he could step in and tear up a stage with the likes of ZZ Top (Dallas’ Adolphus Hotel), as easily lay down tracks a la David Bowie’s  Let’s Dance, or hold his own at Carnegie Hall all the while remaining true to his rocking blues roots speaks volumes about his musical ability.

SRV guitar

To  have watched Stevie Ray Vaughn play his Fender Stratocaster guitar was to have witnessed a pure connection between talent and God.  I’ll say again that I never saw him play a live show, yet even today, watching a video of SRV performing  still raises the hair on the back of my neck as I bear witness to an ethereal wave of light that bridges Divinity, Vaughn, and his guitar.

Few are as blessed as he with such a gift and his only served to increase my faith in a higher power. Maybe that’s why I cried when this celebrity died—because his absence left a gap between me and the intangible.

May he always Rest in Peace.



7 thoughts on “That Time I Cried When a Celebrity Died

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  2. I was – and am – a big SRV fan and got to see him a couple of times, one of those being a tour with Jeff Beck. (Perhaps the loudest show of all time.) Interestingly, the show I remember best was not one I attended but actually the Austin City Limits television broadcast. I have no idea if this is available anywhere but if it is definitely check it out.

    1. (1) Jealous that you got to see him perform live.
      (2) There are a scant few performance videos on YouTube (I linked one) and some that have been scrabbled together by people who are fans.

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