After the Museum is Closed

Prompt #1: You hide inside a museum until the building is closed and everyone is gone. What is the first thing you do? Don’t forget to watch out for the security guard.
Suppose I have some inclination
As to the security guards’ whereabouts
I will elude them to avoid inevitable questions and suspicion.

I bear no mal intent towards works of art or artists, wishing to cause no damage
Rather preferring to silently meditate upon statues, sculptures, and paintings.
Without the crowds who clatter and clomp along extended marble corridors
Chattering to one another

“Shall we go to the Egyptian Wing now?”

“Isn’t this breathtaking?”

“The line to the Special Exhibition is endless.”

“Mommy pleeeeease can we stop at the gift shop?”

Statue Pose

All create echoes of superlatives reflected and amplified

Yes, I wish to sit in silence to inhale art or
Run in socks screaming through long hallways flanked with galleries
Slip into a doorway and wait
Holding my breath as guards rush to determine the source of screams
Fruitless foraging for intruders or angels
Defeated by silence until

I slink into a tube radio exhibit to find a power source
Quietly connect to converter and amplifier
With gentlest twist ON
Alighting orangey glow until glass warms
Testing volume at the lowest level determining which point
Will raise curiosity to locate the source of
Lake Woebegon broadcast as I tiptoe off to a new adventure

What are your thoughts?

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