Manbrows: Unneeded Distraction in a busy World

Recently Stick Chick met with a group of gentlemen. On that occasion, she sat across the table from its leader as the group plowed through introductions and the evening’s agenda. Within a short spell, she noticed his eyebrows. Several spiraled off from their origin in varying trajectories, long beyond  the edges of the frames on his glasses.

The man, an experienced public speaker, looked relaxed in articulating his points using gestures and facial expressions to emphasize his words. SC became mesmerized by the movement of his brows every time he spoke.


Stick Chick found it increasingly difficult to maintain concentration on his words as her eyes began to follow their haphazard lines. She imagined tiny fiber-optic lights illuminating the ends, making him appear in her mind’s eye as a giant sprite.  She resisted the urge to sift through her cosmetic bag to locate a small pair of scissors and a 10X magnifying mirror that she could covertly slide to him across the table.

Instead, she thought it best to take to the blogosphere to suggest to men that they at least consider a trim if they wish to maintain the attention of their intended audience.



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