Candy for the Professor

Some time ago, a sage professor told Stick Chick (and she’s paraphrasing here) that reading about her adventures is a lot like stashing candy. You hide a cache of it and every once in a while, sneak a piece and savor it.

It’s been a while since Stick Chick has had an adventure. It is truly the reason that she has endured great difficulty in cultivating her imagination here of late. With adventure long overdue, she set off to the Steampunk World’s Fair—her first, in Piscataway, New Jersey.

Check out the hood ornament
Check out the hood ornament

Steampunks from far and wide descended upon two adjacent hotels to frolic, sing, speak, dress accordingly (or not) as was their desire, shop, eat, learn and enjoy music, tea and ice cream. Stick Chick planned to go merely as an observer to gauge her own preference. While the event took place over an entire weekend, she managed to clear her schedule for one full day, but it was oh, so worth the road trip.

Driving onto the parking lot through hordes of costumed Steampunks sparked an excitement for fantasy long ago buried but gladly resurrected. It reminded her of an old movie without as many little people, and with less debauchery.

Nova's elf earrings with sprokets
Nova’s elf earrings with sprockets

In case you’ve never been to a Steampunk event, she’d describe it for you thus.

Imagine stepping back into the Victorian period with all manner of your being: the clothing you wear, the way that you speak. Consider too that you and your compatriots behave (GASP! with the fluttering of a fan) with proper etiquette and the utmost decorum.

The Victorian Age is not Without its Horrors
The Victorian Age is not Without its Horrors

Hold that image in your mind and inject the future, a dash of science fiction, novel weaponry, horror, medical instruments (not necessarily related) and sprockets…lots of sprockets, inventions, and top hats, music and dancing.

Nautilus captain chats
Nautilus captain chats


More importantly, imagine friendly faces and genuinely pleasant people who love who they are, welcome anyone including your children, who simply provide these basic rules at the outset.

Be kind and come in peace.
Be kind and come in peace.

Stick Chick plans to attend prepared and in costume next year to enjoy the entire weekend and all the event has to offer.

What are your thoughts?

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