In Vogue

All you need
Is your own imagination
So use it
That’s what it’s for

Go inside
For your
Finest inspiration
Your dreams
Will open the door


The leaning tower of Pisa fell over.

Well it could have.

In 1990, the same year as Madonna’s Vogue album hit the charts, the danger of the tower toppling became difficult to ignore. It tilted so much that local government closed it to the public until a suitable construction correction allowed it to reopen for visits 11 years later. Learning that makes me wonder what took them so long.

Okay, so the Tower of Pisa is notable, historically significant and all, and you’d hope that someone would be extremely cautious and meticulous, but it sure seems like one of those truck-stuck-under-the-overpass-so-the-kid-suggested-deflating-the-tires-kind of scenario…except in reverse. And if you’re really interested to know, they essentially shoved dirt under one side.

Probably one of the most forward-thinking sketch comedy television shows to ever debut, opened in 1990. I laughed myself silly watching In Living Color, a show that jump started the careers of a string of comedians and brought J.Lo to the public eye as one of the show’s Fly Girls.

Logo for In Living Color television series. Copyright 20th Century Fox Television.
Logo for In Living Color television series. Copyright 20th Century Fox Television.

They one an Emmy right out of the gate, and had their highest ratings when they broadcast the show live during half-time of Superbowl XXVI, urging football fans to change channels over to FOX during half-time, making good on their promise to provide an on-screen countdown clock to prevent anyone from missing a second of the game. Genius and hilarious.

Who could forget Fire Marshall Bill, Homey the Clown, or Handi-Man?

But with the PC police being who they are today, I’m not sure they could have gotten away today with the skits they did then. What made them so comical were that they made fun of everyone. The characters were true caricatures of real life.

What are your thoughts?

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