The Problem with Poetry

ill-gained alliteration
questionable rhymes
flirting, flaunting, fucking
droning on and on and on and on

vultures circle subjects
pelting spit balls toward
elusive bulls-eye

peels layers
stripping naked to
an underlying truth
when a punch to the face
would prove direct

the blow causes

Photo Courtesy ~
Photo Courtesy ~

the problem with poetry
focus on structure
timing and phrase
risks a rupture
of veins in the brain
while the point
the focus
the center
the muse
hangs helplessly hoping
for views

raises hopes for epiphany
of its vision
its mission
its appeal

the problem with poetry
underneath lies a heart
struggling to force life
through lungs which breathe deep
evoking emotion
or strife
charges scholars to leap
faithfully onto the knife

that cuts
bloated parcels exposing
the corpse
the poem
laid bare
its contents
divorced from meaning intended
courageously forging on
though upended

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