The Candy Corn Dilemma

IMG_5678 Witches at Cauldron

Happy Halloween, and by that I mean, enjoy your day and call your dentist for an appointment now. They’ll be backed up in a month or so and you’ll have a hard time getting in.

Also, The Right way to eat Candy Corn poll results are in.

A whopping 85+ percent of respondents (people actually took a candy corn poll!) say that the RIGHT way to consume this seasonal treat is to eat each piece, one color per bite. It’s important to point out that regardless of color, there is no difference in flavor in your typical piece of candy corn. Had I given the poll more intense forethought, I might have also asked respondents whether or not they have obsessive-compulsive tendencies as a higher rate of that might have skewed the vote.

The remaining 14+ percent of poll takers claim the proper way to consume them are whole, one at a time.

Accordingly, if you eat them by the handful, you’re doing it wrong!

What are your thoughts?

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