Reading Rainbow and the priorities of Common Core

If you have concerns about Common Core as I do and its potential impact on the next generation, I suggest taking a look at this excellent synopsis and opinion.

Abby Norman

A few weeks ago all my online friends lost their minds. It seemed Levar Burton was trying to re-boot Reading Rainbow. Suddenly, everyone and their mom had some money to chip in. The kick starter raised over a million dollars in just 12 hours. It was insane. It was insane to see just how much we all loved Reading Rainbow, and it was insane to see the reason it was cancelled in the first place.

Apparently, Reading Rainbow was cancelled because all it did was teach kids a love of reading, and we don’t do that anymore in this country.   Because it did not teach kids how to read, Reading Rainbow was no longer important. . That was no longer the point of public television. And that is no longer the point of education. Check the Common Core standards. It is no longer in my job description…

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2 thoughts on “Reading Rainbow and the priorities of Common Core

  1. Kimberly…great story and I clicked through. CC is designed to create mind numbed robots who believe the government can solve (and wants to) all problems. It is another step in the destruction of our once great Country….Thanks for pointing this out.

    1. Thanks. I thought that she posted a well-reasoned wake up call for those who might not have otherwise cared in a way that even a Stick Chick can appreciate.

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