Mind Blowing Monday: True Story

With the days of V2.0’s Senior Year of high school ticking down like a NASA space launch, Stick Chick discovered a fascinating surprise.

Like many of V2.0’s peers, locating a college roommate occupied an endless priority list of tasks to accomplish since mid-term. Fortunately, a few weeks ago, she found a possible roommate online. Learning the unusual surname of this potential roommate, Stick Chick thought, “The name sounds familiar.”

The surname is not Schnicklefritz or Frankenweiler; neither is it Smith.

She blew it off.

The two potentials met in person to become acquainted over frozen yogurt. In less than two hours, excited and pleased, they launched plans for decorating the dorm.

Later that evening, Stick Chick met Papa and Mama Bear the three clicked. She could not help thinking they looked a bit familiar. Figuring she’d probably seen them at a grocery store or some other public place, Stick Chick ignored her instincts. V2.0 commented that her New Roomie looked familiar, though she could not recall why.

Then yesterday, in the shower (where Stick Chick does her best thinking and laughable singing), a revelation descended upon her. That name…that name so familiar yet foreign.

With renewed energy, a mission bound, towel-wrapped Stick Chick flipped through albums and boxes of thousands of photos gathered over decades for a particular one. Much to her delight, she found she not one, but several.

Last night, at a small gathering of the New Roomies and Papa and Mama Bear, Stick Chick revealed the photos with the news.

Future College Roomies
Future College Roomies

After completing first grade, the two New Roomies shared their 2002 summer at a local daycare. Enough time passed that they scarcely recalled each other until they saw the photos.




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