Tearing Down the Trolley Barn

There is an old trolley barn which is long past its prime. The owner wanted to tear it down and replace it with apartments years ago, but the cost of the local government’s required property improvements thwarted those plans. The once historic place lists precariously, exceeding its foundation in a way that defies physics. The peeling paint, the many patches to the roof, and the added touch of graffiti beckons trouble. The term “attractive nuisance”  comes to mind. Still, it provides privacy and it blocks the wind during intense summer gusts.

It came as some surprise today when a graying old contractor appeared to tear it down without permission. As a citizen, I believe it is my civic duty to capture the demolition should there be a collapse. He began by stripping patches of tar paper from the roof and eating them.

IMG_6502 Squirrel 1

IMG_6503 Squirrel 2

IMG_6504 Squirrel 3

IMG_6505 Squirrel 4


What are your thoughts?

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