Worries Begone

Let your worries be gone!

The mailman tromped through the snow to deliver this to Stick Chick today. Thank goodness she received this FINAL NOTICE, which by the way, is also the first and only notice.  No return address, just a bulk mail stamp.

This tidbit of junk mail, an obvious ploy to get her to buy something to get something in return, showed up after the fourth snowfall in less than three weeks.

waterpark voucher

While the timing is likely random, it does make her wonder, “Who takes the time to come up with this drivel?”

Clearly they do not know her. She is the one who requires a Certificate of Appropriateness when venturing into public places.

Opening the envelope yielded more fun. Inside rests a single 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper with zero identification of its origin. But it does offer a selection of any of the indoor water parks in the Pocono Mountains. There are two according to Google: Great Wolf and H2Oooohh at Split Rock, and it Kalahari Resorts has plans to open another in 2015.

Stick Chick will let you be the judge of the veracity of this letter, but she does claim to have seen more innovative work coming from middle school graphic design students.

park letter

Just two questions. What sort of wacko keeps records that “indicate that by responding within 48 hours you will also receive a $100 restaurant dining card?” Within 48 hours of what…the date of the voucher 01/23/2014?

Moot point considering it took three weeks to arrive.

On second thought, it would be fun to have all of Stick Chick‘s followers call in using the same voucher number to claim their place for the same date. Party at the Indoor Water Park ! Woo Hoo!

What are your thoughts?

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