Parking on ice in the Morning

Continued from Sliding Into Home

When we last left our hero Stick Chick, she looked forward to greeting the new day with gusto moderate annoyance.

5:30 AM: Stick Chick rolls over slamming the palm of her hand squarely on the snooze button. Firmly planting both feet on the floor, she stands, moaning and shaking off what is left of a short night of sleep. She zombie-walks to the shower. Testing the water for warmth, she pulls back the shower curtain, slightly sad that Psycho Killer is not on the other side waiting to put her out of her momentary misery.

6:00 AM: Dressed and coiffed, Stick Chick dons the Goth uniform, affixes her name badge to the left breast taking a tentative first step to de-ice the windshield by setting the car’s interior  heater to the “melt rocks” setting.

6:10 AM: Stick Chick books to work in the Pacer at top speed putzes along the unsalted roads to make her way to the time clock.

6:35 AM: Overjoyed to have arrived alive, she sees the trip is unquestionably exactly what she expected arriving to an early store opening at the tail end of an ice storm.

Whole lotta nothin' going on
Whole lotta nothin’ going on


The saga continues…

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