Tales of the Bambi Bumper

Friday the 13th: Stick Chick hears the weekend weather forecast. Snow. This prompts Christmas gift shoppers (and everyone else) to grid lock the tiny town in their rush to avoid shopping on the weekend, and to stock up on milk, bread, and eggs for the impending one day storm.

At work 6:45 AM. Stick Chick opens registers in preparation for first shoppers to arrive. She refills supplies: bags, gift boxes, coupons, tags the previous day’s returns, and sets up a new display. Chats with morning cashier.

9:10 AM: First customer walks to Stick Chick’s register.

Stick Chick: Good morning, how may I help you today?

Customer#1: I have a return.

Stick Chick: Do you have your receipt?

Customer #1: Yes it’s in the bag.

Stick Chick (not yet looking at the computer screen): Okay, let’s see, what’s today’s date?

Customer #1: Friday the 13th. We’re starting out the morning right. My husband just hit a deer.

Stick Chick: I’m sorry to hear that. Is he alright?

Customer #1: He is, but I can’t believe he hit a deer.

Stick Chick continues chatting as she completes the paperwork, returning the customer’s return receipt.

Driver – 1

Bambi – 0

Stick Chick: I hope your day improves.

Saturday’s Forecast: 3-6 inches, beginning mid-morning. Local forecaster advises: “The heaviest precipitation is expected to occur from late afternoon into the evening. As the storm continues Saturday evening, slightly warmer air will advance aloft, <—– Who says that ? likely changing the snow over to sleet and freezing rain. We could see an accumulation of ice on top of our snowfall later Saturday night. For the remainder of the day on Sunday, clouds will give way to some sun and it will turn windy.” Swell.

Work schedule: Saturday night 6:00 PM to 12:15 AM; Sunday and Monday 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

Again with the short straw!

Saturday Morning:

8:30 AM: Car parked strategically facing towards the street. Windshield wipers aloft. Snow shovel and snow scraper propped indoors. Full cloud cover, not a flurry.

9:00 AM: Witnesses two flurries; feels like snow, looks like snow. Checks hot chocolate supply.

Prepared for Any Hot Beverage Emergency
Prepared for Any Hot Beverage Emergency

9:30 AM:  Scattered light flurries

10:00 AM: Ditto

10:10 AM: Flurries increase, Santa arrives on the train to delight the local kids. Stick Chick hopes he received her letter.

Santa Arrives at the Train Station
Santa Arrives at the Train Station

10:30 AM: Gentle snowflakes drift ground-ward.

11:00 AM: Flurries have all but ceased.

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