Help in Faraway Places

The scale of natural disaster devastation in the Philippines stretches comprehension. Desperation and shock apparent on the faces of the few whose photos represent the living nightmare of many. If we are humane, surely we can dig deep to support aid organizations which will provide emergency food, potable water, temporary shelter, sanitation, and a sense of hope to those traumatized victims.

One such organization is MercyCorps, rated “four stars” by Charity Navigator for its responsible stewardship of donor funds. You can DONATE NOW directly to MercyCorps here. While I have no direct ties to this organization, my experience is that MercyCorps is reputable, committed, and experienced in rendering disaster aid.  Check it out for yourself.

*Update 2013 Nov 11; 6:38 PM: CGI tweeted “.@mercycorps is dispatching emergency responders to aid communities affected by Typhoon #Hayian “

What are your thoughts?

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