An American in Moscow 1962

Some album covers are not especially artistic. Others are nothing more than a photograph on a 12” x 12” cardboard sleeve. Some are astonishing works of art. But every once in a while, you find one that is a historical document: by accident, design or both.

Benny Goodman in Moscow ©1962 by Park Recording Company, Inc. for RCA, is one such album cover. It documents the first jazz band tour by an American of the then U.S.S.R. from May 30 through July 8, 1962. The written history is now (in my humble opinion) laudable, odd, amusing, sexist, racist, and politically charged.

IMG_5255 Cover

A detailed two page background, invitation and tour synopsis.


Photos accompany the written documentation:

IMG_5256 Goodman1

To read the history is mind-blowing on several levels. One passage is of political interest. “The Union of Soviet Composers—which is the official musical Establishment in the U.S.S.R.—held a reception for Benny. (Here I renewed my acquaintance with composer Aram Khachaturian, without an interpreter—we spoke Armenian.) The mere fact that Mr. Khrushchev attended the opening concert with a panoply of top Soviet officials, and later engaged in an informal discussion with Benny at a Fourth of July party at the American Embassy, served to put the highest stamp of approval on the tour.”
IMG_5257 Goodman2
IMG_5258 Goodman3 IMG_5259 Goodman4
IMG_5260 goodman5

“The tour had played to sold out houses in every city, mostly in large sports arenas, and brought a genuine slice of America to thousands of people who obviously reacted strongly and favorably not just to the music, but to the musicians. And not just because they were musicians, but because they were people. Everyone came back from the trip with the feeling that he had given some pleasure and done some good in relations between the people of our country and of the Soviet Union. And that’s what really counted.”


IMG_5264 Goodman8

Historical photos credit: James Reina, NBC
Front Cover Photo: Natalie R. Jones
Album Produced by: George Avakian


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    1. Stick Chick does experience occasional detours, especially considering that merely moving the vinyl takes a couple of hours every time, and painting this room has required four moves so far. The good news is that it is now all sorted and alphabetized which leads to such unusual pairings as The Best of Buddy Holly alongside of The Honey Drippers, and Ted Nugent beside The Ohio Players. What’s a Stick Chick to do?

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