Creative Spark Misfires

You may have guessed, especially as one of Stick Chick’s long-time followers, that she is easily bored. Sometimes she just needs to clean out the clutter in her brain. This includes somewhat frequent re-design of everything in her life. She deplores sameness, and is not much for tradition.

Stick Chick painting 2013Right now, she’s painting a room which she radically hates doing, but she just couldn’t take it anymore. Fifteen years ago, when she moved in, the previous owners had just painted the entire interior of the home including hand-stenciled borders. Quaint, but most assuredly not her style.  Now that she realizes her family is essentially a herd of china shop bulls the prerequisite amount of time has passed to justify a do-over and she has invested heavily in 3M (makers of blue painter’s tape) she is looking for sympathy painting with abandon.

What do you hate most about painting?

2 thoughts on “Creative Spark Misfires

    1. Stick Chick doesn’t mind the paint so much as moving the furniture and prepping the room. She has learned the valuable lesson to avoid placing the paint tray anywhere near her feet.

What are your thoughts?

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