3 thoughts on “~ in a café…Opinions? :)

  1. I think we are all guilty of this on some level. I know I am. Prior to IPhone’s and Androids we had more of a reason to start a conversation with strangers around us because it was not so easy to stay connected with our friends. Now we have so many ways to stay connected whether it be emails & numerous messaging services that we insulate ourselves from others wherever we go. Sometimes even our own family members sitting right next to us.

    Another thing I notice is that these days many of us try and avoid simple eye contact with each other. In my office everyone walks around with their eyes locked straight ahead or they look down when they pass you.

    I used to smile at my colleagues and co workers but recently I noticed that I am acting in a similar fashion. Heading down to the National Zoo today with my little ones shortly and I am curious to see if what you discussed is played out there. Have a wonderful weekend!

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