Second Strike

The Third and final part of a series, continued from Observing Passers By…The Second Part of Harsh Reality


The second stun to the system, comes not from a taser, but from – of all places – the radio. A simple flip to the oldies station bowls you over like a 7/10 split.  With every ounce of your being, you expect to hear Buddy Holly or Jerry Lee Lewis circa 1957.


What you actually hear is AC/DC circa 1977.


Now that’s a whole lotta harsh reality.

4 thoughts on “Second Strike

  1. Yep the oldies stations are a changin’ then again so is their listener base… Though, I’m not convinced it’s for the good… 😉 Gives them a chance to start “Classic” oldies stations now I suppose…

  2. Where did that 20 years go? Even for the music obsessed, it’s no joke trying to follow what’s happening ‘out there’. The temptation to stay indoors and have a concert in one’s own Living Room is often irresistible (for more, he says shamelessly, see my current blog!). Cheers, Bruce.

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