A 45 to Remember

Click to Play: No Quarters Required
Click to Play: No Quarters Required

Stick Chick began the arduous task of painting another room which requires stripping wallpaper, spackling, sanding, caulking, dusting, vacuuming, moving furniture, hack, hack, cough, cough, kicking up more dust and vacuuming again. But today’s endeavor was all worth it. Moving the collections revealed yet another interesting find in the album cover department.

Okay, on a technicality, it is a 45. But, who cares? To her surprise, Stick Chick noted the full-color anomaly, especially since at the time of its 1988 release, 8 tracks were already on their way out while cassette tapes were the rage. Yet, ready for its jukebox glory stands the single  I Hate Myself for Loving You, a la Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

Joan Jett front

Painting is so much more fun when the needle hits the vinyl and the neighbors get an early awakening with some wall-shaking,  don’t you agree?

What are your thoughts?

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