Keeping Your Buffets Straight

The world is a difficult place to navigate.

Imagine the confusion encountered when v2.0 thought that Warren Buffett has a following of parrot heads, that Jimmy Buffett is a NASCAR driver,  and on occasion she frequents the local Chinese buffet, which is creatively named “Chinese Buffet.” Then again, a visit there is equally confusing.

A recent documentary informed us that the Chinese do not have fortune cookies, and that as such, the Chinese refer to the fortune cookies that we get at the end of a meal as “American cookies.”  Things just get lost in translation. Take for example, these two fortunes that Stick Chick received in her American cookies.  You tell her why it’s so confusing.

A Jimi Hendrix reference?
A Jimi Hendrix reference?

green tea

So Warren Buffet is a businessman…a wealthy investor/philanthropist/all-around Forbes kinda guy, Jimmy Buffett has a following of parrot heads who are content to wear brightly colored shirts, Jimmie Johnson is a NASCAR Driver, and we occasionally eat at the Chinese Buffet, which we pronounce BUFF-AY because it’s so much more French to do so and by comparison is markedly different from Buffet with two “T”‘s.

And that second fortune…is not a misprint.  Stick Chick has gotten that one on two different occasions!  Whatever it means…she expects it is profound.

What are your thoughts?

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