Squirrel Sex and a Goat Float

Today, for the first time in months, the weather turned.

While you might find this evidence anecdotal, Stick Chick noticed many signs of a positive shift, but to get a better mental picture, you must have experienced yesterday.

The outdoor thermometer read 31 degrees almost all day, while it snowed continuously until about 2:00 in the afternoon (14:00 for you military-types). The unexpectedly slippery roads during the morning rush came a surprise to many, and Stick Chick  noted at least six fender benders, spin-outs, and cars in unexpected places along her way to work. A full cloud cover for the umpteenth day in a row made people cranky.

A man in a silver convertible with a cloudy plastic rear window cut her off in traffic, only to be stopped by a red traffic light a full two car-lengths ahead. He gave her the finger, not because she did anything untoward, but most likely because he was simply tired of being cooped up in it once again.

24 hours later it is 62 degrees with spectacularly clear, sunny skies and there are smiling people driving the main traffic corridor with windows down, jamming to their tunes. A simple trip to local shopping center revealed packed car washes with streams of briny water leaving trails along the exits. Among the unexpected sights were goats on a float.  Stick Chick had no idea where they were going, but she liked to think that the bleat one gave her was a sure sign it was somewhere pleasant.

What's that ahead?
What’s that ahead?
Goats on a float?
Goats on a float?
Things you don't see everyday
Things you don’t see everyday

When she arrived home again, she heard a ruckus in a tall maple, about 50 feet in the air, and there were two frolicking squirrels. It was amazing they managed to remain in the tree. She’ll leave that to your imagination.

Goat Float Photos Courtesy: v2.0 All Rights Reserved.

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