Whoa, Why Not Use a Portmanteau?

As Sibling V2.0 headed to Nicaragua, challenged at the airport to reduce 5 bags to 3 or stay at home, I thought, “Hey, what ever happened to the portmanteau?”

JCPenney has them.  portmanteauOkay, so they use them for display. But with a few minor mods like wheels for ease of movement and hybrid silkworm spider silk construction for natural sturdiness and lighter weight, it could happen. Imagine that everything for the trip could be packed in a single case that doubles as a portable closet.  Cool.

Maybe its just that I have a natural affinity for the word “portmanteau.”

Of course, using this logic, a new 1989 Chevy Corvette or a 2009 Dodge Challenger each have a certain ring.  For that matter, so does Nicaragua.

They all have a certain je ne sais quoi that would make the 3600 mile, 61 hour drive from my place worthwhile. I checked Google maps, and there’s a 136-point set of driving directions that includes border crossings through Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.  Though it says nothing about potholes or river washes, I daresay the ‘Vette might not be the best choice for such a trip, sitting low to the ground as it does. Furthermore, storage space is at a minimum, and might bring us back to where we started with too little luggage space.


Back to 1988

What are your thoughts?

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