Wailers Worlds Away

Marley cover1

Stripping wallpaper means, among other things, moving furniture for the umpteenth time. Too heavy to slide the shelving units with them, hundreds of albums must be moved.  Accomplished in fits and starts, the process sputters for each stack offers a glimpse of the past.

Marley cover2

It had been a while since I looked carefully at this “Promotional Copy Not For Sale.” This is the sort of album to which only those select people who worked for the record labels or radio stations had access. Heaven knows how it made its way into the collection.

Marley cover 3

The double album set, circa 1978, is housed in a single, windowed cover.  All in nearly new condition, the bus windows offer four possible views, depending on how you insert the two albums in their paper sleeves. It is chock-full of interesting tidbits including a fold-out poster reminiscent of a tour that is now worlds away.

Marley cover 4

Interior sleeves
Interior sleeves

Marley Sleeve AB

The Poster
The Poster
Back Cover
Back Cover

Bob Marley fan or not, it is an impressive find.


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