Bunny Slippers and Coffee

Walloped by a winter cold that morphed into some sort of infection, Stick Chick spent first few days of this year recuperating in a cold-remedy haze. Snuggled under her Granny Square quilt, this gave her time to do some convoluted thinking.  With bunny slippers at the ready for occasional trips from the DVD player, to the kitchen, and back she pondered the earth’s rotation on its axis.

Postponing her quest to instigate a positive change in the world, she caught some television, but quickly realized she has not missed anything during the three-year moratorium. Giving up on regular TV, Stick Chick stared blankly at one old movie after another, content to stay in pajamas donning her Alfalfa hairdo.

V2.0 brought her a nuked lunch and a new book to read. She was content to remain in the comfort of her quarantine, voiceless and struggling to breathe.

Stick Chick Bunny Slippers

From her repose, she had a few revelations.

1. Fresh cake with a good cup of coffee is good for the soul. (Note to self: find a bakery that delivers.)

2.  Bunny slippers make your feet sweat.

3. Bed sheets are only good for 48 hours of consecutive use.

4. The ability to order delivered food online totally rocks.

5. On day two of being confined to quarters, smelling of Vicks Vaporub and sporting the  aforementioned Alfalfa hair, opening the door for the delivery person is a scary proposition.

6. Coffee gets cold if you fall off to sleep between sips. (Note to self: Keep electric coffee warmer on bedside table for handy future use.)

7. The Commitments is a movie everyone should see at least once—twice if you ever wanted to be a rock star.

Bunny Slippers
8. Consider investing in Irving Tissue, which “manufactured, packaged, distributed and sold” Scotties Facial tissues as a method of regaining losses by consumption.

9. Be thankful for otherwise good health.

10. Upon return to good health, endeavor to find a sick person and do something to make him or her feel better.

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