Thief Strips on Borough Hall Steps

The audacity of a local thief left locals in shock today. Thank God I had my camera.

On my usual errands, I had to stop by the Borough Hall.  As I approached, I admired the festive fall decorations on the front steps. Someone did a professional-looking  job of decorating the entry with hay bales, pumpkins and cornstalks in preparation for the upcoming town fall festival.

Our town hall, a stunning brick building, is the primary entrance to the police department and other municipal offices. After  my visit, I headed, in no particular hurry out the main entrance.  As I opened the door, I caught a glimpse of movement in my peripheral vision.  Sheer instinct made me pull my camera from my pocket and turn it on.

As I continued my exit, I saw the happy thief stripping away, no more than 3 feet from me.  I turned my camera on him and so intent was he on his quest, that he eyed me for a split second and continued frolicking as if there weren’t an entire police force less than 50 feet from him.

Shocking he was.

Thief Caught Stripping on the Steps of Borough Hall

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