Stuff I Forgot: It Must Have Been the Champagne Jam

I must have looked through my albums 50 times before I thought to pull out a few sleeves.  Lots are long gone, but a few remain.  That’s when I found this little gem.  I forgot all about how the record companies of yesteryear <—– a place you simply must visit, would advertise other artist’s albums on their label right on the interior sleeves.

ARS Champagne Jam still in its plastic cover

The plastic cover is too reflective to get a “good” photo, but I’m not taking it off. Anyway, I liked the shadow of my hands, pinkies up in deference to the champagne.

You might think me naive, but I didn’t even know Nils Lofgren had his own album. I only ever knew him as a key figure with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Ah, so much to learn.

Interior Paper Sleeve Side 1

This made me understand the demise of record companies like Polydor as they once were. Corporately, they were clearly after the money, and were self-involved. These sleeves are proof. Sure, the record company wanted to show off all of the artists under their auspices, but imagine the person who purchased his or her new Atlanta Rhythm Section album that day.

What marketing genius thought that including Frampton, Herb Alpert, The Strawbs, Joe Cocker, Humble Pie and Supertramp, Chuck Mangione and Rick Wakeman all on the same marketing sheet was a good plan?  Mystifying.

What are your thoughts?

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