50 Blogs You’ll Love Narrowed Down to Ten…You’re Welcome

It’s high time I share with you some blogs that I admire, because whether I agree with them or not, they exhibit raw honesty.  Take it or leave it.  I managed to chisel the list to 10 from my original 50. This left me with ten gifted bloggers of extraordinarily diverse subjects. They are in no particular order other than to say, they fit on the screen best this way.  Enjoy!

Pouring My Art Out – I don’t always agree with his perspectives, but I always get a laugh.


The Idiot Speaketh – A testament to the idea that a sense of humor makes the bumps in life a bit easier to take.


Growing Our Green Beans – Lessons in family and creativity from an amazing young wife and mom.


The Strugglers Handbook – Reminds me of…me.


Fibromy-Awesome – Making lemonade out of crushed medication.


OhMyGawd, Just Do As I Say! – For non-linear thinkers.


Daily Architects – Laughter in the face of unreasonable clients with a smattering of technological conundrums.


A Foodie’s Life – I have to eat.  I hope blogs are not fattening.


Schwingen in Switzerland – For assistance in dreaming and living vicariously.


Nine & a Half Hours Ahead – Because every American needs to see the world from a veteran’s perspective. Welcome home!

What are your thoughts?

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