Do You Accept Reality Checks?

Unfortunately a lot of the things posted by Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy have become true in the 21st Century.

Number two particularly pisses me off.

Numbers five and fourteen are a poor reflection of what we have become.

And numbers twenty thru twenty-two are just plain sad.

I hope you will do numbers twenty-four and twenty-five though!!”


Stick Chick would add: Over 50 percent of the time, you have to click on the “Forgot My Password” link, and have it emailed to yourself. 

She didn’t add that however, because Number twelve put her over the edge.

Enjoy them here.

3 thoughts on “Do You Accept Reality Checks?

    1. Thanks, I have begun a category to chronicle the Adventures of Stick Chick, v2.0 and Loverboy (aptly named after the tune made popularly recognizable in the movie “Dirty Dancing.”)

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