How do You Wake up in the Morning?

What is that incessant beeping?!?!?!?

How do you wake up in the morning?  Really!  I want to know.  The subject hasn’t come up lately, and I got to wondering.

During a brief hiatus from real life, in which I lived with extended family, a time in which a fellow blogger (and compatriot in the analysis of life thus far) likes to call “the lost years,”  I shared sleeping quarters with a person who preferred to start the day with a small, but mighty alarm clock/radio set on full blast, tuned to the local city’s news station.

My own sky (lately)

God, it was jarring!  I hated it.  Imagine a peaceful slumber punctuated and irretrievably broken with a live traffic report from the helicopter, complete with the chopper sound in the background, the reporter yelling over it.

I feel compelled to point out here, that I’m a person who rarely mentions God in any manner except moments of praise, overall fascination, or in that what-the-heck-is-the-plan-because-once-again-I’m-lost sort of way.  Also, I literally don’t hate (true, abhorrent hate) much of anything…so for me, it was a big deal!

Oh, and did I mention we were too young to drive?  Who needs a traffic report when you can’t drive, and you aren’t going to the city?  It may have been tolerable had it shut off right away, but no…it would remain on for a good 20 minutes cracking the sound barrier all the while.

I knew one thing for sure, I wouldn’t ever wake up that way so long as I had any say in the matter for the rest of my days.

For the record, I wake up daily to the sound of a moderate-decibel-level music radio station on a cheesy little bedside AM/FM clock radio that stopped tuning in properly about 5 years ago, but still hasn’t died.  If you’ve stuck with me a while, you know I’m a rocker at heart, so you’ll understand why I try not to touch the tuner lest I lose the only local, FM rock station signal on which it will fix.

And I can wake up to metal, something southern-fried, or your basic Aerosmith as easily as Hall & Oates.  Everyone knows it does not need to be blasted unless it’s AC/DC or Judas Priest, and even then it’s only in mono.  Many times I wake up before the radio alarm goes off, and I lie in bed until it does. Today, was one of them.

As I laid there wondering what I could possibly recall about 1986, the alarm went off right at the beginning of Bryan Adams’ and Tina Turner’s live concert performance of “It’s Only Love.”  That year it won MTV’s Best Stage Performance.

I had deja vu, feeling transported to a sunny summer morning in my mid-twenties, when I was just waking up to that hit on the radio.  There I was, refreshed, with my wrinkle-free skin, my natural hair color, freshly showered and dressed, hunting my closet for my favorite blazer with the massive shoulder pads and my never-say-die attitude.

So I have to ask, “How do you wake up in the morning?”

Where do you go from there?

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