Ode to Alex

With the loftiness of a Shakespearean sonnet and the romantic notions of some, though not any one in particular, I designed this to mock an ode’s usual drawn-out affair by keeping it relatively short, though it required three sonnets to complete.

While most odes are lyrical and even sung, singing this is not recommended.  It also lacks the iambic pentameter typical of a sonnet, but each is 14 lines, uses the average 10 syllables, and has the rhyming ends of the abab/cdcd/efef/gg structure.

As a whole, Ode to Alex  describes the transition of communication.  Sonnet I introduces the impracticality of a cup and string, offers the alternate use of a carrier pigeon, and notes excitement in the successful invention of the telephone.  Sonnet II details the limits of corded phones, the user “stuck” within the confines of the cord length, and the progression to the use of cell phones.  Sonnet III questions whether our reliance on cordless technology actually binds us even more, culminating in an implanted chip through which one may simply “think” in order to place a call.

The Bard may cringe and so may you, but any resemblances to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.  No animals were harmed, though if you choose to read it aloud to your own pet, then I abdicate all responsibility for any future damages, real or imagined.

Ode to Alex


Were it not for days of an old tin cup

Where sound waves carry ‘long a waxen string

‘Twould have been easier to simply up,

Visit a chambermate lest wait ‘til spring

Our kinship doth cross yon channel wide

Force creative hands to send word ahead

When caller seeks to span cosmic divide

Carrier pigeon bears message instead

Until old Alex’s Watson made haste

To confirm words on history’s parchment

Enthralling those technologically chaste

Whose tongues held so long did cause to ferment

Gossipy prattle on town’s party line

Privy by phone booth—latent counsel enshrine


O! tether, my cord, shall I gain no retreat

Synthetic appendage to mine ear wouldst

Enjoin discourse fruitful, ever discreet

To my lover that whilst cherished, but thou shouldst

Await time’s glorious release of that

Spiral creature held hostage by Mother

Paths worn ‘til planks concave womb give rise to the matte

Exposed ‘neath urethane polish whilst other

Less stringent encumbrances bind, as words

Floating wafts of scintillating suggestion

Alight yon cell towers heaven – to birds

Ask only one rhetorical question

If mine eyes blinded by thou pimped cover

Whither doth burst sexts from my lover?


And so my dear Alex, O! Alex my love

Be thou blessed among nation’s inventors

To whom yelling string-ed messages shoved

Through wires, bound tidings of those relenters

Willing to part with wires and fences

Set free from the shackles that Mother prepared

Saving only for Job’s recompenses

Of iPhone and iPad ‘twill boast, “none compared,”

I pose one new query to all app makers

While physical entanglements no longer

Do tether, but Amish and Quakers

‘Tisnt invisible cord ever stronger?

Whilst touch screen doth blind us, prophesy may tell

Think and it shall be: connection without cell

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