1967 and the Smothers Brothers

Did you watch the Smothers Brothers?  The show premiered in 1967.  I remember they made me laugh.  Though Tom and Dick parodied other variety shows with their folk-singing style, it was their witty banter about the hippie lifestyle of sex and drugs that had the censors coming unglued.

By today’s standards, they were tame.  I was six, so I didn’t much care about censors.  I just liked their irreverent attitude and the way they picked on each other.

What I do remember more than the TV from that time is the music.

I was especially fond of “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay,”  even though life in suburban Philadelphia wasn’t exactly seaside.  Plus, my idea of wastin’ time was relegated to Saturday morning trips to Sears Hardware to look for anything “manly” that my Dad needed for those inevitable household repairs.

Then what happened?

What are your thoughts?

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