50 Goals

The genesis for this idea came from my daughter.  Her actual suggestion is “50 Things I Learned from Raising Children.”  I’m working on that one.  It’s much tougher.

At first, I had a hard time getting started on a list of 50 Goals, but once I got on a roll, I ended up with well over 50 and cut a few that were a bit too personal.  Originally, the items were entirely random.

When the list was complete, I reorganized it when I noticed five or six key patterns:  places I want to visit, things I want to learn, things I already know how to do—but haven’t done for a long time, people I want to meet, lifestyle improvements and ways to change the world around me.  They are all inter-connected.

Visit a place with clear blue ocean water
Visit Holland
Visit Italy
Visit Machu Picchu (updated to “Visit Peru” 8-11-13 after realizing the narrowness of this item when I read: JetLag Manifesto Thank you Ola! )
Visit Moscow
Visit Spain
Visit Switzerland
Visit the Louvre
Visit the Redwood Forest
Visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Direct a screenplay
Learn cartooning
Learn stand-up comedy
Learn to create a website
Learn to paint
Learn to play the harmonica
Participate in “Improv Everywhere”Stick Man Having Fun
Skydive once
Make Pysanky
Purchase a bicycle and a car rack for it

Purchase a Martin guitar and take up playing again
Ride a bicycle once a week
Understand and be able to operate the DVD remote
Audition for a play
Get tattooed
Grow my own veggies and fruits in a backyard greenhouse
Hire a personal trainer
Hire a private chef
Live for a year in New Mexico
Live in a vacated foreclosed home for 30 days
Own an in-home gym

Chat with Amy Tan
Chat with Bill and Melinda Gates
Chat with David Batstone
Chat with Warren Buffet
Hang with Bono for 3 months
Meet Angus Young
Meet Janine Turner
Meet Lewis Black
Meet Patti Smith
Meet Stevie Nicks
Meet Tony Robbins

Be the voice for books on tape
Build a closet
Complete and sell a full length movie script
Complete a kitchen renovation
Create a successful original board game
Create my own App
Install solar panels for my home
Paint the entire interior of my home
Publish successful books
Renovate a former factory into high-end condos
Translate a foreign film into English subtitles
Write a novel
Write a song
Help stop worldwide human trafficking
Mentor a child
Tutor college students

This made me wonder. What did I forget?

4 thoughts on “50 Goals

  1. This is great, I think your list gave me pause, what would my list look like?
    I would love to play the guitar, I would love to play a harmonica. I would love to travel more. This list makes you think about making a plan and following through.
    My brother auditioned for a Book on cd, he has a very pleasant voice, at the time they had more than they needed of famous people to pick from and he was not chosen to make the cd.
    I have always wanted to be a DJ, there are so many going for that job too.
    When I was younger, I wanted to skydive after Jim O’Brien not so much anymore.

  2. I loved reading this! Definitely unique and very original. One that particularly stood out to me was participating in Improv Everywhere- I have seriously always wanted to do this as well! I think it would be so cool- and a lot of fun! Maybe one will be organized in Philadelphia, we will have to look into this!

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