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Whitney – There was Only One

Album cover art is a favorite topic of mine.  Though I had previously been sifting through my collection from various musical genres in a quest to find the most interesting cover art, it seems fitting to pay homage to singer Whitney Houston, who, according to the Washington Post, died today at the age of 48.

Whitney - Album Cover

Her 1987 Whitney album (shown here) is one I picked up in my travels.  It boasts the keen eye of Clive Davis with her hits, I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) and Didn’t We Almost Have It All.

Typical of album covers of the 80s, Whitney is no exception.  The front features a photo with Whitney’s engaging smile.  The reverse is a plain background of gradient blue where the song titles appear in the upper left, and nestled in the lower right is a black and white baby photo inscribed with the words “Whitney Elizabeth Houston 3 months.”

Until today, I have made it a point, in the case of album cover reviews, to remain silent with regard to the music contained therein or of the particular artist.  Today is an exception.

Sadly, there is no doubt that Whitney Houston struggled to maintain her sobriety, and her voice seemed damaged.  I think that the world has lost a lady with an extraordinary voice, the sound of which could once illicit goosebumps to even the most stoic listener.

Baby photo on album cover back

Rest in peace Whitney.

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