Bookmobile Geek

Granny Chick encouraged her children to read. She read to them, read with them, and made sure each one owned a library card. Stick Chick’s English teacher worked with the school librarian to encourage her students’ reading. At the beginning of the year, she distributed a coloring-book style handout to each student. Pictured on the … Continue reading

Return of the Flying Frog

Saturday morning marked the resurrection of a previously recurring event that Stick Chick had not thought about for a long while. Maybe the Flying Frog makes it less forgettable. To fully grasp its unusual nature, you must recall a time fifteen years ago. The cell phone in its infancy had just emerged beyond a military-style, … Continue reading

Those Fun-Loving Finns

Stop the presses! Stick Chick has found her next vacation destination. The Finns have it all in hand with the upcoming 20th Eukonkannon MM-kisat Wife Carrying World Championships held in Sonkaj√§rvi. Attracting local competitors, organizers also report participating couples hailing from Australia, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Estonia, and the United States. The rules clearly state, … Continue reading