Stop Counting and just Write

Some days, skittering about the interweb makes me crazy. Our collective shorter attention spans have perpetuated the myriad of advice in the form of alleged be-all-end-all lists. It’s as if some overlord thinks we need a numbered list in order to accomplish any task. Sure writing for the web in economized bites helps the many … Continue reading

If These Experiments Continue, I’ll Never be a Pilot

Recently, I read about a scientific project conducted by the Technical University of Munich. Their tests allow a pilot to control a plane merely by thinking commands while wearing an electroencephalography cap. Stylish and sexy, these caps make for one heck of a conversation starter. However well-perfected these might be, I could not help but … Continue reading

Let me Eat Cake

Today I celebrate three fabulous years blogging here at 50: A Figment of my Imagination, having revisited 50 years through the eyes of one alter ego named Stick Chick, taken shots at religion and politics, and having stuck the landing with an occasional poem. This all provided me the creative outlet needed to avoid being … Continue reading

The Right way to eat Candy Corn

The Right way to eat Candy Corn

One of my followers. No, that sounds like I’m Gru and the blog followers are my minions. I’ll start over. A frequent supporter of my blogs got me wondering about the Candy Corn quandary. So, in recognition of the upcoming Halloween festivities I’m asking for your opinion. Weigh in here.