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A possible explanation for my behavior…okay, maybe not

Rise Up and Take Back Easter

Why doesn’t the resurrection of The Savior qualify for a bigger celebration than His birth? Habitual Christian churchgoers everywhere will tell you that the two top days for church attendance … Continue reading

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From Wifebeaters to Woolies in 24 Hours

That is just RUDE! Stick Chick cut the lone three daffodil blooms last night to bring them indoors, concerned for their delicate nature and wondering if they could survive the … Continue reading

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In an age of increasing computerized intrusion and oversight, freedom of movement without surveillance no longer exists. In fact, privacy as it existed as recently as the 1990′s is gone. … Continue reading

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Riff Raff

It’s S P R I N G ! Just makes you want to break out and cause a little Riff Raff. What kind of trouble will you get into today? … Continue reading

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Ads Are Not My Fault

Ad placement does not indicate my endorsement. unless of course, it's something REALLY cool.

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