Stick Chick Travels Down Under

Ever wonder how Stick Chick and Loverboy met? You can find Stick Chick’s account added to the collection of feature stories at A Momma’s View, where the Australian writer asked, “Isn’t it funny how things go in life?” Check out her musings and of course the riveting tale, How Closet Psycho Chick Found the man of her … Continue reading


Chance Randomness Roll of dice A spin of the big wheel Run of a stop sign Significant downward spiral Until a choice between comfort or fear Tempts a vulnerable one Who in search of self-worth Forsakes the past Builds a new life of servitude Torn between gratitude and fear Addicted, beaten, and abused Justice eludes … Continue reading

Pointless Points from a GPS app

In Stick Chick’s neighborhood, fall changes the green summer leaves into vivid, vibrant reds and remarkable yellows that defy darkness. Hues challenge ripened pumpkins in a natural beauty contest for most-appealing-orange. Tall grasses locked in local landscapes mimic wheat fields, their tassels sway in shifting breezes. These beckon Stick Chick for a scenic Sunday drive where she accumulates … Continue reading

Bookmobile Geek

Granny Chick encouraged her children to read. She read to them, read with them, and made sure each one owned a library card. Stick Chick’s English teacher worked with the school librarian to encourage her students’ reading. At the beginning of the year, she distributed a coloring-book style handout to each student. Pictured on the … Continue reading