The Problem with Poetry

ill-gained alliteration questionable rhymes flirting, flaunting, fucking droning on and on and on and on vultures circle subjects pelting spit balls toward elusive bulls-eye peels layers stripping naked to an underlying truth when a punch to the face would prove direct concise instant unless the blow causes disorientation the problem with poetry focus on structure … Continue reading

Giving Glitter to your Enemies

Ever had one of those projects you started that in retrospect you determined was not fully thought out? Reading a brief article in The Daily Dot about viral sensation, reminded me of an alcohol induced glitterization (<—- it could be in the dictionary) plan that my girlfriend and I came up with to attempt to … Continue reading

The Lunacy of the Sony Brouhaha

The recent brouhaha emanating from circumstances surrounding North Korea and the hack attack on Sony (which may or may not have changed the platform for the release of Seth Rogan’s “The Interview”) resulted in comments from President Barack Obama. He said, “Americans cannot change their patterns of behavior due to the possibility of a terrorist … Continue reading